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07 January 2021

***Resumption of Fishing on H&DAA waters.

Following the Government 's decision to allow angling and after advice from the Angling Trust we are pleased to announce that fishing can continue on H&DAA waters from 8am Saturday 9th January 2021 subject to some restrictions as set out in the statement below. This allows anglers to familiarise themselves with the various rules and regulations that are now in place.

Please be aware of Government guidelines regarding leaving your home and essential travel. Be sensible and fish as locally as possible.
Dear Member
A big Thank You to the Angling Trust, once again they have successfully managed to get the Government to turn around their original decision to stop all fishing.
Fishing will now be allowed to continue, however, there are more serious guidelines that need to be followed.
Firstly we must not forget, we are still in a National Lockdown that could continue for several weeks.
Fishing is only allowed as a form of exercise, both physically and mentally, therefore giving everyone the opportunity to clear their heads relax and re-charge the body after several days of lockdown.

You must also ONLY exercise LOCALLY once a day.
There cannot be any Night Fishing or matches.
NO travelling specifically to fish. This is a very important rule we must respect.
The Association bailiffs have to be very strict. (Please do not abuse this, if you choose to ignore us, you will be bringing H&D.A.A. into disrepute). That will result in the committee taking serious action against offending individuals.

Hereford & District Angling Association have considered all aspects and have added the following rules. (Please note; things can change daily so please keep checking for regular updates).

Local fishing (exercising) for full members with HR postcode only,
No fishing on H&D.A.A. water for Associate members until further notice.
No night fishing
Day fishing must be stopped by 4pm

Day Tickets will be available only if local tackle shops are open, however you will need to show a driving licence, utility bill or some other form of ID showing your name and HR postcode before a ticket will be issued.

Pencoyd Pool will remain closed until further notice. (Due to covid restrictions)

Belmont Pool is considered local and so will remain open. Booking in will be required as usual before fishing. No Day Tickets available. Full Members Only.

We are still in a national lockdown, fish/exercise on your own, social distancing is a must. Do not forget to gel/wash your hands whenever needed.
We ask that Members who have been told to SHIELD, or show symptoms of Covid-19 should not attempt to travel or Fish during this time.
We must not forget the Angling Trust, who, once again made this possible for us to enjoy the sport we all love. They cannot however, continue to fight our corner without the support of the angling community. We urge you to join and help support the A.T. so that they may continue to represent angling when needed.
Membership is only £29 annually and you get that back the first year.
A small price to pay to continue fishing during a National Lockdown.

05 January 2021

All Association Waters Closed

 Following the latest statement from the Angling Trust, fishing will not be allowed by the government from midnight Tuesday 5th January 2021 until further notice. All Association waters will be closed from this time. Anyone found fishing any H&DAA waters during this time face expulsion from the Association.

We will update this information if/when the situation changes.

24 December 2020

Membership Renewals- a reminder

 2021 renewals are coming in thick and fast and many memberships have already been posted back out. However it appears that a few people are not putting sufficient postage on the envelope when sending their renewal to the PO Box. This results in an excess charge being applied by Royal Mail. H&DAA has a policy of not paying these excess charges and therefore letters are held by Royal Mail for about 3 weeks before being returned to sender. In addition some people are using sub standard envelopes which are flimsy and do not stick properly resulting in the contents becoming separated with perhaps just the renewal form being received. Please ensure a suitable size envelope is used and is up to the job and perhaps use Sellotape to ensure that the contents do not escape. This is a busy time of year for the Membership Secretary so please allow a little longer for return of your membership. If you have already posted your renewal and it has not been returned to you by mid January then please contact us to confirm if we have received it.

23 December 2020

Restrictions on the Issue of Day Tickets

Due to the increasing threat of Covid-19 and the government advice to only travel locally, the Association has taken the decision to only allow the sale of Day Tickets to those anglers who live in the County of Herefordshire and have an HR postcode. The tackle shops will ask you to provide evidence of this in the form of a Driving Licence, ID card or other official document e.g Council Tax bill. No other postcodes (e.g SY, GL, LD ) will be accepted. Tickets will not be issued if you cannot provide evidence. This restriction will continue for the foreseeable future.

09 December 2020

Membership 2021

 Members should shortly receive their renewal forms for 2021 together with the Annual Newsletter which were posted out earlier this week.

Non members wishing to join the Association can do so by picking up an application form which is now available in the local tackle shops. Forms can also be downloaded by clicking on the following link

Membership fees remain the same for 2021 and are shown below

Membership of HDAA runs from 1st January until 31st December and is open to everyone.
There is no reduction for joining later in the year.

Membership is by postal application only.

 PLEASE ENSURE YOU ATTACH SUFFICIENT POSTAGE TO THE ENVELOPE YOU ARE POSTING AND TO YOUR RETURN ENVELOPE. Envelopes with insufficient postage will not be accepted and will be returned to sender by Royal Mail after 18 days. The Association will not pay excess postal charges and applications will not be processed.

Application forms can also be obtained from the tackle shops or direct from the secretary (a stamped addressed envelope MUST be included) at
PO Box 35,
Station Approach,
Hereford. HR1 1AA.

Requests for Application forms which do not include a Stamped Addressed Envelope will not be processed.
There are two classes of membership:

1. Full Members - open to anyone over the age of 18 living in the County of Herefordshire.

2. Associate Members - open to anyone over the age of 18 living outside of Herefordshire.

Each class of membership is further divided into six grades:

Full Salmon Trout and Coarse: £90.

Full OAP Salmon Trout and Coarse: £50.

Full Reg. Disabled Salmon Trout and Coarse: £70.

Full Trout and Coarse: £55.

Full OAP Trout and Coarse: £35.

Full Reg. Trout and Coarse: £35.

Associate Salmon Trout and Coarse: £90.

Associate OAP Salmon Trout and Coarse: £50.

Associate Reg. Disabled Salmon Trout and Coarse: £70.

Associate Trout and Coarse: £55.

Associate OAP Trout and Coarse: £35

Associate Reg. Disabled Trout and Coarse: £35.

To qualify for OAP rates you must have been a member of the Association for at least one year prior to to the date of application for OAP grade.
Registered Disabled persons must include proof of eligibility with their application.

Members who complete a Working Party and pay the full price for their class of membership are entitled to a discount of £20 off their subscription in the following year.
OAPs are not entitled to claim a £20 discount on their membership

Junior Membership is available at £15 by application to the tackle shops in Hereford.

Completed forms should be sent to the Secretary at P. O. Box 35, Station Approach, Hereford HR1 1AA. together with a cheque or postal order for the appropriate fee, 2 loose passport sized photos and a stamped addressed envelope, (size C6 - 114mmx162mm).Please ensure you attach sufficient postage. ALL of the above items must be included or your application will not be processed. Please allow 15 days for processing.

01 December 2020

***Resumption of Day Tickets***

HDAA can confirm that Day Tickets will again be available at the normal outlets from Wednesday 2nd December. However HDAA advises that anglers should consider the implications and risks of travelling long distances in order to fish, particularly if your local area is under Tier 3 restrictions. If it is possible to fish locally to home then you should consider doing so. Please take adequate precautions to keep everyone safe.

04 November 2020

Temporary ban on Day Tickets

 ****Temporary ban on Day Tickets****

Following Government confirmation to the Angling Trust that angling in England can continue during lockdown, H&DAA have taken the decision that NO DAY TICKETS will be issued until December 3rd at the earliest. Members may continue to fish but are advised to fish locally if possible, follow the "rule of 2" and to avoid unnecessary travel.
Full details of what you can and can't do can be found in the Angling Trust's latest statement

01 November 2020

**Change in River Wye availability.**

Following the Prime Minister's statement yesterday, the River Wye 3 -Day Festival has been cancelled. The Belmont and Tennis Courts sections are now available for members to fish individually on Tuesday 3rd, Thursday 5th and Friday 6th November in accordance with the Angling Trust's Covid guidelines. These sections are not available to fish between midnight on the 3rd until 4.30pm on Wednesday 4th November.

25 October 2020

River Wye Championship - The Results

 *Wye Championship 2020- The Results**

Today's match was held on a river that looked good at the start, but which rose 1.08m during the match. This made conditions difficult for some but as usual the river provided a few good weights.
Congratulations to the new Wye Champion
Hadrian Whittle
who weighed in 52lb 5oz narrowly beating
Rory Jones
in to 2nd with 50lb 50oz. Third was
Jim Brockie
who weighed 44lb 14oz.
The full results can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here and here

21 October 2020

River Wye Championship- Waters Closed

 Anglers are reminded that ALL Association waters on the River Wye are closed this weekend 24-25th October 2020.

No day tickets will be issued for either of these days.

15 September 2020

Club Match September 20th 2020- cancelled

 The Club Match scheduled for this Sunday 20th September on the Bartonsham stretch has been cancelled and this section is therefore open to individual anglers. Sorry for any inconvenience.

09 September 2020

Tennis Courts section- Damage to banks


It has been brought to the attention of the Committee that some anglers are digging the banks on the Tennis Courts section of the River Wye. Some of this damage has been caused by anglers night fishing, If it continues then the night fishing may have to be banned on this section. The land here is owned by the Church Commissioners and they have received complaints from residents opposite including the Dean of Hereford. Therefore this cannot and will not be accepted and so anyone caught digging or changing the riverbank in any way, will face disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the Association.

03 August 2020

58th Wye Championship 2020 (Individual) SOLD OUT- see below

Update 7/8/20 - All tickets have now been sold and there is a long reserve list. If your application is not already in the post ,please do not apply.

Applications are now being taken for the 2020 event and you are invited to apply. An application form can be downloaded hereIf sending several applications, please complete separate application forms for each person and write their details on the form. It is not necessary to write individual cheques if applying for more than one person providing, they are received in the same envelope. Please write the names of the anglers on the back of the cheque

The cost for 2020 will again be £32 which includes an admin fee for the return of tickets and rules. Please DO NOT include a Stamped Addressed Envelope with your application.

 Due to the Coronavirus situation this year’s match will be limited to a maximum of 100 anglers with a section draw taking place on either the Friday or Saturday preceding the match. Anglers will have their peg drawn for them by the Steward when they arrive at their section. 

As last year’s match had to be re arranged there are a number of anglers (approx. 38) whose places were held over to 2020. This means that the number of tickets available this year will be further restricted. If you had your 2019 application held over until this year there is no need to re-apply but please let me know if any of your contact details have changed since last year.

I am sure that there will be a strong demand for tickets, and I urge you to get your application posted as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis and will be allocated in the order I receive them.

All applications should be received by 1st September 2020. Any applications received after this date will not be considered unless there are insufficient applicants to fill the places available

You will be emailed once your application has been received confirming if you have a place or if you are on the reserve list.

 Full details of the day will be sent with your ticket but there will be no socialising at the Rugby Club before or after the match. Results will be posted later in the evening of the match and prizemoney will be paid remotely. No cash transactions.

 As Coronavirus is ongoing these details are subject to change depending on government guidelines.

02 July 2020

Lighting of Fires

It has come to the attention of the Committee that anglers are building and lighting fires on the bank. This may be down to new members who have not read the rule book and are not aware of the rule. The rule states that "anglers must not under any circumstances light fires on any Association waters".
Anyone caught doing so is likely to face disciplinary action by the Association.

26 June 2020

Car Parking at Eign.

The combination lock on the bollards at the Car Park in Outfall Works Road has been changed this morning and is as shown in the back of the 2020 Membership Book. Some of the locks are a little stiff to open but apart from 2 which are currently inaccessible, all are functioning. The other 2 will be changed as soon as possible. Please raise the bollards as you leave and re lock them.

18 June 2020

Brookmeadow Pool(Pencoyd) Update

Pencoyd Pool- Re-opening ,Saturday 20th June 2020.

H&DAA Committee would like to apologize for the continued closure of Pencoyd Pool. 
Covid-19 has brought in a whole list of new guidelines, restrictions and risk assessments that have had to be met before the fishery could be re-opened.
From a committee point of view this was made more difficult by having an unmanned fishery with gates, locks, and chains.
Although we know and understand that most members would adhere to all or any new rules, there are always others (that have proved in the past, even before Covid-19) that do not and will not.
Therefore, the Committee has had to consider this when carrying out a risk assessment to satisfy our insurers.
H&DAA must be seen to put all members safety first and so get the risk score into the low risk category.
However, following further talks with the Angling Trust, our legal team and with less government restrictions in place, we are now able to open the fishery but with some restrictions. These restrictions have been put in place to protect both the Member and the Association. They are temporary and will be reviewed regularly, therefore changes could be made at any time.


1.       No member is allowed to visit the pool unless they have pre booked a peg.

2.       Any member wishing to fish Pencoyd Pool must pre book with Chris James on 07737 684963 between 9am and 8pm only. You will need to provide your name and membership number.

2.       Bookings can only be made up to 48 hours in advance of fishing.

3.       The chosen peg will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. You must fish the allocated peg only. No moving to another peg.

4.       When arriving and leaving the fishery you will be solely responsible for your own protection. Hand sanitizer/gloves are a must so that the fishery is left safe for the next person.

5.       You will use one gate only to access the pool via the otter fence. Please keep it closed at all times.
6.       Please always park sensibly and practice safe distancing.

7.       Car sharing is not allowed by members of different households.

8.       No non fishing visitors allowed.

9.       All litter to be taken home.

10.    The pool must be cleared by 8pm. No night fishing.

11.   Anyone arriving at the fishery who has not pre booked will face disciplinary action.

The Bailiffs will be made aware of who has booked a peg and will enforce compliance with the above restrictions.

12 June 2020

Covid -19 update 12/6/20

Changes for the Upcoming Coarse Season

With the new Coarse Fish Season due to start on June 16th and Covid -19 still around, we have had to carry out risk assessments on how we operate  and so we have made some temporary changes to help protect both the tackle shops and you the angler. With the rivers still on the low side some changes have also been made to help protect the fish.

Day Tickets: These will  be available again from tackle shops from June 15th. Tickets will be strictly CASH ONLY and to avoid excessive handling of coins, the price for a Coarse ticket (River only) will be increased to £10 for 1 rod and £15 for 2 rods. Day tickets allow you to fish Dawn til dusk only. Please try to tender the correct amount to avoid change having to be given and if possible, use notes as these can be easily disinfected. Please always follow the shop’s social distancing measures and maintain a 2m distance. Please try and support your preferred tackle shop by buying a few other items when you visit.

Fish Welfare: As the river levels are still very low and water temperatures relatively high, we have implemented a No Keepnets rule for the time being, effective on both the rivers and our still waters. Please use common sense and return fish to the water as soon as possible making sure they are able to swim away strongly.
Pencoyd Pool: A risk assessment of Pencoyd Pool means that it will remain CLOSED for the time being. While we appreciate that most anglers will sanitize their hands when opening and shutting gates, there will be a minority who will not, therefore increasing the risk to others.
Belmont Pool: This pool remains open for 5 pre booked members. Fishing will now be extended from Dawn til Dusk, and any Member wishing to fish should contact the Bailiff Dave Symonds on 07590035031.

All of these measures will be kept under review and amended as necessary.

Please remember to keep a 2m distance from others at all times whilst fishing and carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you to use when opening and closing gates or when touching other items that may have been touched by the general public

01 June 2020

Covid -19 Update june 1st.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Work Party scheduled for Sunday 7th June has been CANCELLED.
Pencoyd pool remains closed until further notice due to the on going issues and the fact that the fish are currently spawning. We have no intention of keeping the pool closed longer than we have to and will re open as soon as possible. Belmont Pool remains open, but you must book in advance with the bailiff Dave Symonds on 07590035031. Please see the previous post for more details.

11 May 2020



COVID-19 is responsible for over 30,000 deaths in the UK alone. We must remember it has not gone away, neither do we have a cure or vaccine, therefore great care must still be taken going forward to protect ourselves and others.

We understand the need to get out and about, we also understand the need to express our freedom, go fishing and enjoy the sport we all love.

After careful consideration, understanding and following the government guidelines, H&D.A.A. will re-open our River Fishing on Wednesday 13th May for members only. No day tickets will be issued until further notice, however membership is still open and can be applied for in the usual way.

With the coarse fishing closed season still in force until June 16th this will only apply to certain members.

Salmon Members….

Trout Members…. Fly fishing only.

Government guidelines regarding social distancing must be adhered to.

If approached by a bailiff, please hold your membership card clearly out in front of you for them to check.

If for any reason, the bailiff asks you to leave the water, you must do so immediately, failure to comply may result in the police being called and/or your membership suspended.

Do not allow anyone to touch or share your equipment.

Take particular care when using gates or stiles, but always remember some gates may need to be kept closed due to livestock. 

It is very important that all members are vigilant and considerate, we need to show the government that angling is a sport that can continue during these difficult times. This way at least we can prove, that June 16th will bring a lot more freedom and positivity to the country.

At this moment in time H&D.A.A. have no plans to organize or allow any competitions on our waters. This situation could change as the situation unfolds, therefore regular updates will be made as and when.


Due to security and gates etc... Pencoyd Pool will remain closed until further notice.

Belmont Pool will be open with conditions,

Only five members on the water at any one time.

You must book in the day before fishing with Dave Symonds he can be contacted by phone. Tel;  07590035031.

Fishing will be from 8am until 8pm only….( No night fishing).  Government guidelines state that you must return to your residence on the same day.

One member per peg…. No Sharing….Social distancing must be adhered too.

All rubbish must be taken home with you.

No keepnets to be used.

Two rods may be used but MUST be no more that 6ft apart.

Anyone choosing to go fishing during these difficult times please adhere to all government guidelines (these are liable to change on a regular basis) be safe and considerate to others. We advise you all carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you, and use this if you touch anything that may have been touched by others before you, ie; gates, railings etc…

Over the last three years we have had everything thrown at us, severe drought, record floods and now Covid-19. But our spirits will not be broken, we move forward united, we will come through this like everything else. Angling will remain the country’s number one sport.

Also remember that all measures are under constant review, so keep looking out for changes.

Have fun but stay safe.

Chris James


Hereford & District Angling Association.

24 March 2020


Update  26/3/20

In accordance with government guidelines restricting unnecessary travel, all our waters on the Wye and Lugg are CLOSED with immediate effect until further notice.

 Please note fishing is not a necessity, therefore we have no choice but to follow Government advice and suspend all fishing on our pools.

  This is for your own safety and for the safety of others.

 This means that both Pencoyd and Belmont pools are now CLOSED until further notice.

We regret having to enforce this decision but, unfortunately, we have had no choice in the matter.
Whilst able to do so our bailiffs will still be working.

ANY member choosing to ignore this notice and putting themselves and others at risk will face an instant life ban from the Association.

At this moment in time we urge all members to think very carefully before you consider going to the river. Follow the guidelines and avoid any unnecessary travel.

Please stay safe.

H.&D.A.A. Chairman & Committee.