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11 July 2022

Suspension of fishing on H&DAA waters

Due to rising water temperatures and lack of water, H&DAA have taken the decision to suspend fishing from Monday July 11th on the sections of the rivers Wye and Lugg which we control, until further notice. We regret having to do this as many anglers make an annual pilgrimage to the Wye at this time of the year. However with no rain forecast and temperatures continuing to rise it is in our own interests to protect the fish from undue stress. Water temperatures are being continually monitored and our waters will re open as soon as it is safe to do so. Please check back to the website or Facebook page for future updates. Thank you for your co operation.

08 July 2022

**Fish Welfare & Temporary Keepnet ban.**

Due to the current low water levels in the rivers and the predicted high temperatures starting to have an effect on water temperatures, the Association has now introduced a temporary ban on the use of keepnets until further notice. Please respect any fish you catch and return it to the water as soon as possible after allowing sufficient time for the fish to recover properly. This is especially important in the case of barbel.
In addition to the above ban it has been brought to our attention that some anglers are dragging fish across exposed gravel to land them. If you are fishing from a gravel beach you need to be prepared to wade out into the water so that there is at least a foot of water covering the gravel in front of you allowing you to land the fish without it suffering any undue injury. Please respect the fish.
The situation will be under constant review and any changes to the above information will be published here and on the Association website. Thank you for your cooperation.

15 June 2022

Work Party & You Tube Channel

 Many thanks to the Club members that helped clear the banks at Holme Lacy4 and the Elms ready for the start of the new Coarse Fishing Season. Please consider subcribing to our You Tube Channel where you can see drone footage of all our waters.

02 June 2022

*** New H&DAA Website *** Visit

After several delays over the past couple of years we can now announce that our new website is now live. This is still a work in progress and further content will be added over the next few months. Hopefully there will be some positive comments made to enable us to improve the site. The new site can be accessed at

30 May 2022

Home Lacy and The Elms

 As several members will be aware we now control the above waters which will be available to Coarse members from 16th June.

This is a MEMBERS ONLY water, NO DAY TICKETS WILL BE ISSUED. Please read the following statement regarding this stretch which has additional rules to those printed in the rule book.
The Elms & Holme Lacy 4 Fisheries
Hereford & District Angling Association are pleased to inform our members that we now control the fishing on the above fisheries. However due to its rural location, we have to adhere to certain restrictions set out by the landowners.
Access is restricted to five vehicles per day, but please note; there is plenty of fishing and so you are advised to car share in order to get the full potential.
We have now set up a booking in system in order to police the water correctly, you will need to provide your name/s, membership number/s, and vehicle registration.
In order to be fair to all members.
No block bookings will be accepted.
No bookings further than two weeks in advance.
Booking in will start from Monday 6th June. ( No calls after 9pm.)
Coarse members must be aware that this is also a Salmon fishery, therefore there may be times when you are asked to stop fishing and give way whilst a Salmon member fishes through your swim. If this occurs please be polite and courteous, they are perfectly entitled to do so and will give you the ultimate respect.
Members must also be aware there are different rules and restrictions in place whilst fishing here and so the following rules all apply.
The Elms & Holme Lacy 4
Members must book in at least 24hrs in advance on 07737 684963
Maximum of five vehicles per day,
(Strictly no other vehicles allowed to view or visit the water without prior permission).
Please note access is weather dependant and so there may be times when we have to close this fishery or restrict access to 4X4 vehicles only.
Gates must be left how you find them (if closed, close them behind you).
All vehicles must remain on the roadway track only.
Vehicles can go no further than the fishing hut, this is the parking and turning point.
A maximum of two vehicles can park where the track first meets the river, (you must park alongside the river and allow clear access for a tractor to pass with ease).
The only other parking is at the hut, (no parking behind pegs).
Fishing sunrise to sunset only, (water must be cleared before dark).
N0 boat fishing.
NO fires, BBQ’s or any other flame heated devices.
NO dogs allowed.
NO Keepnets
NO spinning (unless a Salmon member and during the Salmon season only.)
No drop shotting.
Any rubbish left will result in that member not being allowed to return and disciplined by the committee.
Any Salmon caught must be recorded with the Association.
All other rules as per current rule book.
Hereford & District Angling Association committee would like to thank you for your cooperation and wish you a very successful season.

08 April 2022

AGM - postponed

 Due to an oversight, the AGM scheduled for Monday 18th April has been postponed and will now take place at 7.30pm Monday 20th June at the Kindle Centre Hereford.

26 February 2022

** Club Match- Sunday 6th March 2022**

The end of season Club match will take place on the above date with the draw taking place at the rear of the Asda Car Park at 8am.

The match will be fished on the Tennis Courts and Bartonsham sections.
Anyone wishing to take part can leave their name on the post on the HDAA Facebook page or add it to the list in Woody's tackle shop. This match is for Club members only

20 February 2022

Save the Wye Catchment

28 January 2022

** Use of Keepnets. **

The platforms on the Belmont section are currently several feet above the water level. The Association are advising that if using a keepnet, it should be a minimum of 4 metres in length and have 3 rings below the water line. Please ensure your net is positioned appropriately to minimise harm to fish. This is particularly important on the lower pegs (92-96) where the water is shallower anyway, and large bags of fish are likely to to be caught. Your co operation is appreciated.

21 January 2022

Memberships- Envelope size

 Please use a C5 (162mm x 229mm )envelope not a C6 size when sending your membership application/renewal to us, and the same size for your documents to be returned. A large letter stamp on each envelope will be sufficient.

23 December 2021

2022 Membership Renewals"- Postage

Today the Membership Secretary collected the mail from the PO Box.

There were a total of 16 envelopes which were rejected due to insufficient postage on the envelope. The Association will not pay excess postage charges and the letters will eventually be returned to sender by Royal Mail. It is in your own interests to put sufficient postage on the envelope and on your Stamped Addressed Envelope to ensure a swift turnaround. Some members are also omitting to send all of the required documents. Please check you have included all items requested. A guide to postal charges can be found by following the link:

17 December 2021

Membership 2022

 Application forms for 2022 can now be downloaded by  clicking here

21 November 2021

** Waters Closed- Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th November**

Anglers are reminded that ALL HDAA waters on the River Wye are CLOSED on the above dates for the re arranged River Wye Championship. The river is closed from midnight on Friday 26th November until after the weigh in on the Sunday ( approx 4.30pm).

All waters on the LUGG are available as normal. No day tickets to fish the Wye will be issued for the Saturday or Sunday.

06 November 2021

**River Wye 3 day Festival**- waters closed

Anglers are reminded that the annual 3 day Festival takes place this coming week on Wed 10th, Thur 11th and Friday 12th November. Therefore the Belmont (both banks) and Tennis Courts sections will be unavailable to fish from midnight Monday 8th November until Friday 12th November at 4.30pm. All other sections are open as normal.

01 November 2021

Waters Closed for Midweek Matches

There will be a Rivermasters qualifier taking place on Wednesday 17th November and Wednesday 24th November. Both banks of the Belmont section( from peg 11 downstream to peg 96) and the Tennis Courts section will be used. No fishing on these stretches from midnight the previous day until after the weigh in on the Wednesday.

24 October 2021

** All H&DAA Waters CLOSED**

Anglers are reminded that all H&DAA waters on the River Wye will be CLOSED for the annual Wye Championship Match from Midnight Friday 29th October until approx. 4pm Sunday 31st October 2021 apart from the stretch downstream of Holme Lacy bridge. No day tickets are available for either the Saturday or Sunday of that weekend.

14 October 2021

Match Booking Reminder

 Anglers are reminded that both banks of the Belmont section of the River Wye (from the pumphouse downstream to Old Wye Bridge)) are reserved for a match this Sunday 17th October. No pleasure fishing allowed. All other sections are available as normal.

07 October 2021


 Anglers should be aware that there is currently no access to the fishery via the stile 100yds up from The Carrots pub. The stank is currently cordoned off as is the footbridge over the ditch. There is a Temporary Footpath Closure notice in place. The only access currently is via the gate at the bottom of Braemar Gardens.

29 September 2021

Stewards Wanted - for Wye Championship 2021

Update 7/10/21 We are still a couple of Stewards short so if anyone is interested, please get in touch.

Any member (not OAP) of HDAA wanting to earn a £20 reduction on their 2022 membership can apply. No experience necessary as you will be paired with an experienced steward. You will be required to assist with the draw for pegs for up to 15 anglers on a section and to help weigh in and record the weights at the end of the match. For further information please contact John Pembridge via email at or via Facebook Messenger.

20 July 2021

Mick Pritchard Memorial Match

 ***Mick Pritchard Memorial Match***

Sunday 19th September 2021
The postponed inaugural Mick Pritchard Memorial match will now take place on Sunday 19th September 2021. This match is open to all Association members only and will be fished over all our waters on the River Wye. The entry fee will be £15. For further details and to book your place please contact Lee Pritchard on 073111 55336 or email