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24 November 2013

Have you seen a Water vole?

If you have then you have been lucky. Sightings of water voles in Herefordshire are urgently required. Please pass on details of your sightings  as soon as possible to Mr Mick Palfrey on 01452 760267.
Water voles are currently declining at a rapid rate.
They have declined by a fifth in the UK since 2011, a survey suggests.
Conservationists say that habitat loss, predation by American mink, and changeable weather are to blame.
The research was carried out by the Environment Agency and Wildlife Trusts, who are working to create more vole-friendly waterways.
Earlier reports had suggested that the animals were making a comeback.  To read more  about water voles  click here

07 November 2013

River Wye Closed

Due to the Angling Trust Riverfest Final taking place next Saturday and Sunday 16th & 17th November, the Belmont section of the river will be closed for fishing on Friday 15th November.
Other sections remain open throughout next weekend.