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23 July 2018

Match Calendar 2018

The 2018 Match Calendar can be viewed by clicking here.

19 July 2018

Hereford & District Angling Association Official Notice.

 Due to low water , high temperatures, and the threat of further hot days, the welfare of all river life has now become critical, therefore In order to protect the fish,  the committee have made the difficult decision to close the River Wye and stop all fishing from Monday 23rd July until further notice.  The eight miles of river Lugg will remain open and is fishable. The Lugg has high banks and plenty of vegetation that keeps the river high and cool. So fishing is available. We hope all our members appreciate this decision, but the welfare of fish must come first, otherwise we wont have any. No day tickets will be issued until further notice for the Wye, only the River Lugg.

16 July 2018

Wye Championship 2018

Applications are invited for the 2018 event which takes place on Sunday 28th October. Entry for the first 120 places is on a first come first serve basis with a maximum entry of 140 pegs. An application form can be downloaded at…/1wMt8dlw836pUZqvoMlCMEpTf8…/view…
The event is usually over subscribed and full within about 10 days so do not delay in posting your application.

15 July 2018

Fish Welfare

Message from H&D.A.A. chairman: WIth continuing warm weather and low river conditions we urge all our members to take great care whilst handling and returning fish. We would prefer keep nets were not used and plenty of time taken to allow fish to fully recover before release, in particular the barbel that can take some time to fully recover. We understand you love your sport and want to participate as often as possible but the committee would like you to consider not fishing whilst this hot weather continues. The reason for this is solely for the benefit and health of our fish, many clubs throughout the UK (including the Wye & Usk Foundation) have now stopped all fishing on their waters. We do not, at this time want to stop all fishing but just rely on our members and guests to have a little common sense and think highly of the fish welfare. THANK YOU.

09 July 2018

Pencoyd Pool Re Opening

A Statement from the Chairman Chris James, Pencoyd pool will re-open on Monday 9th July.

The pool is now secure with a new otter protection fence all around. The new entrance gates to the pool must be kept closed at all times. They must also be securely locked before leaving, using the code in the back of your rule book. Failure to do this will put the whole fishery in danger. Any member not complying with this request will be dealt with by the committee.

Fishing must be from the new platforms only. In order to prevent any further bank damage and erosion, (reason for needing new platforms) No bank sticks will be permitted around the platforms. Free standing rod pods, seat or box attachments only to be used. 

The committee apologise for any inconvenience, but are currently looking at attaching some tubes to the platforms to aid this problem.

Apologies for the work taking longer than we anticipated, unfortunately we were in the hands of the contractors.